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About Us

I'm Natalie Aji, founder of AJI - a company that offers size-extended footwear for women. I wear a shoe size 12. For years, I've struggled to find shoes that fit me comfortably and that were on trend. 

I have been denied my femininity, every time I was told a shoe did not come in my size.

Playing around with style was limited, fitting in with my friends, who could walk into any store and find shoes in their sizes, made me feel isolated my entire life. The lack of options I had served as a constant reminder of how society marginalizes women with larger feet. The pain of conforming to beauty ideals and the struggle to find cute shoes was a common experience I found with other women which stemmed from my personal life and modeling career. 

I was tired of having to compromise style for comfort, and settling for shoes that didn't fit well. That's why I created AJI.

AJI is a luxury size extended footwear company that specializes in boots and heels ranging from sizes 11-15 U.S. We aim to create a new generation for large footwear. 

We deserve to have an elevated, modern experience like every other fashion-forward shoe brand.

At AJI, we're dedicated to creating a more accessible and inclusive future. We understand that finding fashionable boots & heels that fit larger sizes is a major challenge for women, and we're here to recognize and change that. We're here to offer a modern experience to size extended shopping. To carve out space in the footwear industry for our niche.

Our shoes are made with high-quality materials and expert craftsmanship. We actually have created our original lasts (shoe molds) to readjust the standard sizing. Our Sizes 11-15 shoes have increased vamp volume and shoe width. Ensuring they not only look good, but made to feel comfortable and durable.

This first capsule collection is for those who have experienced the struggle with finding shoes. Period. I hope you enjoy having your space here, your size, and shoes that make you feel seen and special.